Be Quick In Testing Yourself For STDs

A big problem with STDs is that the symptoms are not always obvious. A person may not see any symptom and still have an STD. A proper laboratory test is the only way to know your STD status. Individuals sexually active with multiple partners should undergo regular checks to make sure they are not suffering from any STD. Even when the relationship is only with one partner, there are risks of contracting STDs. You should talk to your doctor if you are in any such relationship and suspect you are infected with an STD.

Most of the STDs are treatable with simple medications. However, it is possible only when the treatment is started in the early stage of the disease. Once the STD is in an advanced stage, it becomes difficult to treat it. Left untreated, an STD infection can lead to many health and medical problems that cannot be treated or reversed with any treatment. Testing for STDs has advanced to a very high level. Now you can even test yourself at home using a test kit. There are STD home test kits that can be used to test a wide range of STDs. Each such kit is designed to test only one or a few specific STDs. You can order an STD test kit online and test yourself in the privacy of your home.

There are two types of home test kits for STDs. One type of test kits include everything you need to test yourself and get the result immediately. Another type of home kits is provided by certified labs. It does not require the patient to visit the lab. You just collect your biospecimen at home and send it to the lab by post. You will receive the result online. It is a convenient and discreet way to test yourself for STDs.

You should be aware of signs and symptoms that indicate STDs. Some of the symptoms include:
• Abnormal or unnatural discharge from genital
• Burning sensation while peeing
• Lower abdominal pain
• Irritation, pain, swelling, and itching in genital or anus
• Bumps or sores on the genitals, thighs or buttocks
• Body aches, fever, and swollen glands
It is important to know that such symptoms can be due to other diseases, ailments, and infections as well. Getting yourself tested properly is the best way to know if you are suffering from any STD. Consult your doctor to learn what type of tests and diagnosis you need. If you fail to diagnose and treat an STD at the right time, it can make you susceptible to other STDs like HIV. You will also pass your STD infection to other people, especially to your sexual partners. It does not matter that at the time of sex you did not have any symptoms. If you had an infection at that time, your partner will become infected as well. Start the diagnostic procedure as soon as possible. If your test result is positive, your partner must also be tested immediately. It is better to learn about your STD status as soon as possible. Testing for STDs is quick and painless. It does not cost much and saves you from lots of trouble and mental agony.